Ice cream melts, flowers wilt, the leaves of autumn fall. Sunsets fade, seasons change, and children don’t stay small. Balloons pop, snowfalls stop--do summers last? Never! Weekends fly, today will die, But... FAMILIES ARE FOREVER! --By Rachelle F. A. Dow

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lincoln and His Potato Head Glasses

Lincoln is quite the kid. He is aggressive but the sweetest kid ever. I can't figure him out. This picture just makes me laugh. One day he finds the Mr. Potato Head glasses and hand them to me and I wasn't quite sure what he was doing. He started getting mad when I would hand them back. He kept looking at me like hello put them on me. I finally figured it out and he still wears them often. Don't they look comfortable? jk He thinks he is so cool when he wears them. What a silly boy.

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Tay and Teigan said...

Well it's about time you updated. So where are you going to be during the holidays?