Spencer, Stacy, Adam, and Lincoln

Ice cream melts, flowers wilt, the leaves of autumn fall. Sunsets fade, seasons change, and children don’t stay small. Balloons pop, snowfalls stop--do summers last? Never! Weekends fly, today will die, But... FAMILIES ARE FOREVER! --By Rachelle F. A. Dow

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trafalga in Lehi

We had lots of fun while Jessica and her girls came to visit. We spent one day at Trafalga in Lehi.

July 24th Spanish Fork Parade

Spanish Fork has a kids parade every 24th of July. The kids have a great time. The parade ends at a city park and they have lots of activities for the kids to do.

Happy 3rd Birthday Lincoln

Lincoln chose a Lightning Mcqueen Cake. He was pretty excited about it. We went to my parents clubhouse and did a BBQ, went swimming, did a pinata, and opened presents. Lincoln was so excited about life!

Josh and Daddy

This is the first time that Spencer has had a lot of time to spend with one of our kids as babies. He is loving every minute of it.

The Boys

Josh Under The Lights

Josh was so sweet. He just laid there all day and night in his little lights bed. He was so sweet.

July 4th

We had the July 4th celebration at our house this year. I had just had Josh so I was a little bit out of it. The kids had a lot of fun lighting sparklers.


He is getting so big! He is the sweetest baby in the world. It is a good thing with all of the crazyness I have been through since I have had him.